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The paper presents an analysis of practical aspects organization and management of large projects IT-industry. Actuality of work part has described modern state of Ukrainian IT-industry and declared necessity of teaching and learning practical aspects of the infrastructural cooperation in large IT-projects at profile computer science education establishments. The purpose of the article is a review, classification and systematization practical aspects of co-operation and management of large IT-projects and creating proposal for teaching and learning these these aspects during highy education. First part of article adduces motives for organization and management of IT-projects and learning in educational process by grounding them on the fundament of open source code software. Second part of article adducts systematization of practical aspects participants cooperation of large projects of IT-industry, and leading to three basic ivariants in IT-project gists. Third part offered recommendations on the system for teaching and learning practical aspects of organization infrastructure of the large IT-projects with an accent on the principles of constructivism and wide using of free and open source software.
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