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In modern systems of visual information processing (SVIP) is necessary to provide noise immunity, quality and speed of the processing procedures and system, as a whole, in the conditions of uncertainty. Many processing procedures – filtering, adaptation, classification, and others – based on optimization. The purpose of the application of optimization procedures in the designing of SVIP is get to diapason of the semantic (pragmatic) sufficiency. Development of optimization methods for the determination such diapason is relevant. Earlier by the authors proposed the multi-starting optimization method, based on wavelet transform (MOVP). The result of using this method is getting of point estimate of the coordinate extremum. However, the wavelet analysis extends the capabilities of the method, makes it possible to get a result in the form of diapasons (narrowed area), which are determined by the limitations of the second kind – in form of inequalities, in which is extremum. The aim is to develop and investigate the method for determining the diapason coordinate of the extremum based on method MOVP. Application of this method in the framework of information-statistical approach will allow creating information technologies for SVIP, which will improve the quality and speed of optimization procedures into changing conditions of the obtain visual information.
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