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The following was studied: the question of designing computer screening systems for monitoring aiming at objective evaluation of the health condition of different population groups and planning of preventive measures. The computer screening research “Lifestyle and health condition” was held among Ukrainian and Polish students, the results of comparative statistical analysis were given. In the research the following factors were taken into account: eating habits, physical activity, the use of psychoactive products, main stress factors. Difference in their behavior was also studied. There were offered methods and means of holding complex screening researches that give the possibility to effectively carry out questioning in the mode of remote access on the basis of Limesurvey platform, with the simultaneous monitoring of physical condition/index of the organism. The possibility of the screening complex adaptation to different OS (Windows, Linux, Android) was shown, which gives the possibility to hold researches with the use of modern mobile medicine technologies. The complex may be easily adapted for the researches in sociology and culture.
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