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The idea of this project to suggest a solution of the campus that talk to student where students, high-school graduates, their parents and other visitors can do a guided tour, without an actual guide. So all highlighted places at the campus can talk and demonstrate themselves, and people use their own smartphone as for additional information.
Smart Campus is a mobile application which provides users a variety of functionality, allowing working both in on-line mode as in off-line mode detecting buzz from the beacons.
The most popular indoor wireless technologies are considered such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Bluetooth. It was accepted that the best compromise in price, distance and speed is provided by BLE.
There are considered the BLE operational states, operating platforms, existing sdk. As the result of the investigation were choose Core Location Development for IOS 7/8 and AltBeacon - an Android library providing APIs to interact with ibeacons.
Developed system consists of three main subsystems: Mobile application for different operational systems iOS, Android; CMS for updating advertisement information; administration system, which consists from different components aimed to adjust hardware characteristics.
Experiments for solving the problems of triangulation for an exact position determination, preciseness of position, preciseness of signal strength, static interference with indoor-usage due to walls were provided and the software for ibeacon characteristics adjustment were developed.
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