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The trend of intensive growth of cloud computing has a strong influence on distributed information systems. In turn, the rapid growth of these systems necessitates a sharp increase in the number of administrators who serve them. Administrator efficiency can be achieved at the expense of more effective control of the situations in the system.
The aim of the paper is to develop new methods for diagnosis of distributed information systems enabling, for reusable observations diagnostic parameters, to make identification of the most significant problems.
We study the set of services that run on the basis of the web-server Apache HTTP Server. As a source of diagnostic information, the network card is selected.
The measured parameters for the network card were the Object Identifier (OID) of the Management Information Base (MIB). Diagnostic system parameters defined as the derivative of the measured parameters. In this case, they represent the rate of change the OIDs selected as a result of experiments set. Introduced linguistic variables constructed using diagnostic parameters provide a qualitative description of normal and abnormal situations in the system.
The developed approach allows a qualitative description of the situation in which a problem occurs in the system behavior. The resulting description of normal and abnormal situations in distributed information systems allows us to solve the problem of identifying the most significant problems in the behavior of services running on the web server Apache HTTP Server.
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