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The method of calculating the optimal digital controller for the control system of the second order astatyzmom. For optimality criteria proposed two options: a minimum overshoot transient response and minimum time regulation. In each case provides the maximum value of the electric overload point in the transient and the minimum value of the integral quadratic optimality criterion. The system is represented as a series of connections and set regulator part. Open-loop transfer function of the system taken as a fraction where the numerator - the gain and time constant of the system of differential component, and the denominator - square Laplace transform parameter. Nastroechnыmy parameters of the system is the gain and time constant. The dependence of parameters of a system parameter settings. It is shown that the product of two tuning parameters equal to the maximum rate of change of the output value of the system and overloading factor over point during acceleration. At the beginning of the calculation for the selected criteria of optimality defined parameters: the gain and time constant of the differential component. And then dividing the desired transfer function for a given transfer function of the system is determined by the transfer function analog controller. Further continuous transfer function regulator known method turn into discrete. Past studies on model systems in the software package MATLAB-Simulink. Examples of calculation system for your optimality criteria.
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