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Abstract: This paper deals with the acquisition of equipment for underwater wet welding electrical assemblies and components as the main body of specialized structures in luavtomatov and machines. Attention is paid to the mechanisms regulated electric equipment, IP-welding power source, switching nodes and links. It is shown that the creation of mechanized equipment underwater welding is effective development of special components and systems Electrics-ment. Determined that the most effective designs are adjustable electric actuators with brushless motors. Such motors provide a high degree of reliability during operation in insulating liquids. Examples of application of the equipment for underwater wet welding elektroprivodovna based stepper and BLDC motors. Presents the development of special welding power source that would ensure the maintenance of the specified static and dynamic characteristics for a high level of stability of the welding process at a considerable distance from it. Dana cable design, which combines the power leads, the control and, in addition, is the load-carrying.
It is concluded that the main electrical components and equipment for mechanized welding automatically wet all relate to mechatronic type of equipment. This is further emphasized by the use of modern equipment in the computerized control systems.
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