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In solving problems of optimum design synthesis phase collector engines face a number of difficulties due to their characteristics. First of all it bahatoekstremalnoho minimyzyruyemoho functional. Another feature optimization problems SACs is their rigidity. This complicates the optimization process increases computation time and requires the application to address these problems new algorithms search for optimal solutions. Proponuyemyy approach to the design phase synthesis collector engines based on the combined algorithm involves sorting method orderly and evolutionary algorithm for finding the optimal values ​​of controlled variables. Controlled variables are divided into discrete and continuous variables varied. For discrete variable controlled variable set number of combinations (options). Then, for each option separately, using a genetic algorithm optimization is performed continuously variable variables. Then, by comparing selected the best option. Reducing the number of calculations for discrete controlled variables significantly reduces total time to search for the optimal solution. The study suggested approach for the project phase synthesis collector engines showed significant its adaptability to solve optimization problems and achieve the required level of technical requirements. The proposed algorithm is applied to subsystem optimal design phase collector engines. Examples geometry optimization of anchor collector output. The investigations have shown high effectiveness of the proposed combined algorithm for solving optimization problems.
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