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The turbo mechanisms are among the most popular and energy-intensive mechanisms of the mining and metallurgical industry. Among turbo mechanisms of mining and metallurgical industry, the main consumers of electrical energy are pump installations of pumping out of pulp. Practice has shown that in most cases an electric pump drive process units are unregulated, but the control of productivity carried turning on and off the pump.
The paper presents a comparison of the electric pump unit working in a cyclic mode with adjustable speed, and shows the possibility of providing cost-effective mode of operation of pumping units pumping out of pulp through the frequency speed control of the pump motor.
The aim of this paper is to determine the analytical expressions for calculating modes variable frequency drive pump unit pumping out the pulp within the parameters of the pump unit as a function of the supply voltage and the load on the shaft. The developed mathematical model represented by in the form of interrelation of the system, including parameters of the pump unit, of pipeline and frequency-controlled induction motor.
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