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Consider the dynamic load kinematic gears two-mass electromechanical system during deceleration at an instantaneous change in the reference variable. The influence of the elastic (compliant) connection between the motor and turntable with ultimate value rigidity. The possible elements of dynamic loads in EMC with different ratios of the moments of inertia during heavy braking mechanism. Switching processes discussed in simplified form with no gap. The simulation was performed for different initial conditions determined in each case the oscillation period. It is shown that an increase in the moment of inertia of the working body vibration amplitude increases the engine speed and maximum torque of the elastic deformation, but the dynamic stress in the kinematic gears are not changed. They depend mainly on the initial conditions defined in each case the oscillation period. The presence of the static moment leads to a reduction of dynamic loads, especially for small values of the moment of inertia of the working body. It is noted that the process control switch should strive to ensure that it is carried out at the times that are multiples of the number of periods of oscillation. It is recommended to set the program control electric microprocessor the acceleration time, a multiple number of oscillation periods than can significantly reduce the dynamic forces in the kinematic gears with little error control. Development of control algorithms to significantly reduce electric load during the transition to the inhibition of a subsequent stage of the study.
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