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The distributed problem-oriented system was developed to support decision making (SSDM) on increasing efficiency of hydro-aerodynamic processes (HP) inside acting energetic equipment (AEE). This system is based on three brand new informational technologies to support decision making (ITSDM) connected to each other. These technologies are intended to conduct:
– complex monitoring HP in complex conceptual objects AEE – energetic aggregates based on analysis of regulatory-referential design and operational information about aggregates;
– complex modeling HP in simple conceptual objects AEE – secondary elements based on analysis of regulatory-referential design and operational information as well as information retrieved from physical modeling;
– complex analytic and visual processing data from physical modeling HP inside secondary element prototypes of energetic aggregates to synthesis of their updated physical prototype.

SSDM is functional-distributed and consists of subsystems on input, storage, data analysis and decision making, combined by interface tools for decision making person (DMP).
Informational relationship of mentioned functional-distributed subsystems is based on DMP interface and developed digital mockup of AEE. The digital mockup is part of united informational space of energetic enterprise and joins the following equipment features: technological – data gathering servers, geometric and tech-economic - ASU servers and hydrodynamic - modeling servers.
Thus, the developed by authors SSDM gives opportunity to automate decision making process on increasing efficiency HP in AEE, where the major idea is to provide DMP complete information about HP state inside energetic aggregates and its secondary elements and developing rational scenarios of organizational and production control over reconstruction.
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