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This article analyzes the modes of microprocessors (MP) stellar structure. Well-known mode of MP when arithmetic unit (AP) data in MP and AP AP function together. In this mode, the information is transmitted between the AP during tAP / 2. MP Mode, when the AP and the AP function separately considered in the article on the work in this mode, star-shaped multi-core microprocessor original structure. In this mode, the MP in multi-core parallel structure function microprocessor with direct data flow and a microprocessor with inverted flow data. AP information between these microprocessors transmitted tAP time. In the article as mode MP connecting external devices. In this mode of information between the AP and the AP transmitted during tAP / 2, and in between the outer Story - during tAP. Possible mixed mode IM multi-core structure, where one of the arithmetic units working together, the second part - separately, as part of the AP, the rest - in the mode of connecting external devices. Each of these operating modes set with the correct time charts and signals intended for a certain class of problems, namely processing matrix, solution of differential equations, calculus FFT algorithms and so on.
The positive effect of increased productivity MP structural organizations that dis-considered as well as articles, achieved through the use and further development of their inherent internal parallelism, which allows you to organize various operations in parallel processing of data and their exchange.
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