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The complexity of the testing of distributed information systems (DIS) in the case of functional behavioral specifications, makes it relevant to the study of models and methods of synthesis of functional test (FT), in particular, using the identification of the properties in the network of automatic experiments based on a pseudo random target search evolutionary systems and methods for genetic programming.

The aim of this work is to reduce the time and cost of computing FT synthesis for behavioral diagnosis DIS due FT description as the composition of test experiments in a network of automata (NA), which represents the RIS, based on the identification of behavioral characteristics and the use of models and methods of evolutionary systems and genetic programming (ES/GP).

To achieve the goal to solve the problem of building a network for NA algorithmic model (AM) based on a hierarchical network model formulation and testing of models of evolution, has a particularly use of identifying properties in the test experiments. AM is designed to determine the conditions of the test and the method of construction of FT synthesis DIS.

On the basis of network models and the evolution of testing a method of constructing FT based on ES/GP submitted in the form of network composition test patches, which are realized and recognized in the automaton network.

Implementation of the model and the method of using component programming services for monitoring the performance of DIS data confirmed the appropriateness of the research and implementation.

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