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The paper is devoted to the procedural aspects of the development of ontologies of distributed parallel software systems as a stage of Information Technology (IT) of Domain Specific Mathematical Modelling (DSMM). The aim of the paper is to analyse the applicability of IT DSMM for development of metamodels for modelling hardware and software systems. The proposed approach is based on OWL ontology language and is inside of the method of development of metamodels as logical and algebraic systems. Identification of the types of metamodel as OWL classes and use of OWL restrictions as a grammar for the metamodel gives the possibility of development of valid (i.e. meeting system requirements) instances of types. The expediency of ontological modelling a as phase of metamodels development for software systems is proved. Development of metamodels is also a way to test the properties of a system at the early stages of its development (starting from specification of requirements). The proposed approach makes possible to verify the compliance of derived concepts, calculate its hierarchy and identify equivalence of classes of OWL ontologies. Expansion of expressiveness of ontologies by time properties, modal logic, etc. allows to combine the conceptual modelling stage and the stage of system validation.


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