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To show the expediency of mathematical models of main conveyors energy consumption to assess their energy efficiency at non-uniform cargo flows.

The methods of mathematical statistics and the theory of Markov processes are used. Sphere of application of the results: main mine conveyor transport.

It is determined that under nonlinear dependence of conveyor energy consumption on the load, which is particularly evident in case of slope conveyors (transporting cargo down), the statistical characteristics of cargo flows influence the conveyor energy consumption: the absence and presence time of cargo receipt and the mathematical expectation of the level at the time of receipt. It is shown that conveyor specific energy consumption is reduced by increasing the uniformity of coal receipt at the conveyor. It is proved that this effect is achieved not only by increasing the number of added cargo traffic on the conveyor but also by the speed control of conveyor belt at preceding conveyors that modify the statistical characteristics of cargo flows. Thus decrease in specific energy consumption of the collecting slope conveyor will be 3-20%.



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