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Wind-driven power plants are alternative energy sources that can be widely used under the condition of energy deficiency.

This article describes options for design improvement of wind-driven power plants with center of rotation and horizontal axis of rotation.

The design of a wind-driven power plant with horizontal axis of rotation is examined, the main element of which is a cylindrical wind turbine mounted on its horizontal shaft. Special detail of the cylindrical wind turbine construction is a constant effective position of a blade (wing) in respect of the wind current input vector, i.e. its effective incidence. The advantages of this construction include the provision of horizontal axis automatic orientation parallel to the wind current, reduction of vibration in action and a number of other features.

Innovative methods for centralized orientation of several wind-driven power installations with horizontal axis of rotation on the deck of a floating platform are described.

Modernization alternative for wind turbines with center of rotation of Darrieus rotor type (Darrieus rotor analog with the reversible wing) is proposed that increases the efficiency of energy conversion.

The development of wind pump on basis of wind turbine with center of rotation that uses frontal resistance is described.

The proposed research work results can be widely used in the national economy as well as in electric power systems of different application (industrial, household, etc.).


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