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Automated control system for electric SAG mill

The report provides an example of an implementation of the automated control system for the mill semi similar installed on the Zangazur copper-molybdenum plant (Armenia, the city of Kajaran) in the framework of the reconstruction of the company to enhance the productivity of processing of copper-molybdenum ores. A brief description of the equipment, see block diagram of automated control systems and the algorithm start of the mill for the variant of the drive with the active rectifier.

  1. Измельчение. Энергетика и технология: Учебное пособие для ВУЗов / Г.Г. Пивняк, Л.А. Вайсберг, В.И. Кириченко, П.И. Пилов, В.В. Кириченко. – М.: Изд. дом «Руда и металлы», 2007. – 296 с.
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