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The article considers information about single-wire resonance system electric power transmission using Tesla transformers. Using such a system will significantly reduce the use of non-ferrous metals in the systems transmission of electric energy with simultaneous improvement of electrical power parameters (efficiency more than 90%) in comparison with traditional two-three wires.          

The width of the frequency bands, the numbers of resonant frequencies and their layout arrangement, indicators their total energy is a various for the primary and secondary windings of the Tesla transformer. This phenomenon is explained by the design features of the transformer, namely more strict requirements to the calculation and the practical achievement of the resonance in the secondary winding.

Experimentally established that the working frequency of a complex consisting of two resonant transformers Tesla and wires for the connect the transmitter and receiver energy power lies within 260-280 kHz depending on the length of the conductor connecting the emitting and receiving units.

The calculated from experimental data error setting the working frequency of a complex of not allowed more than + 100...150 Hz (Δ <<1%).

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