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The article shows the importance of the development of wind power in Ukraine. Nationals producer (PCTB “Concord”) created a number of new wind power equipmentwith an aerodynamic animation power of 1000 kW, allowing to work with the network without frequency Converter.

The efficiency of this equipment requires the use of converters, schemes which are dependent on the frequency of the oscillator and method of connection of WPE to the network.

Therefore, the selection of the type of inverter frequency Converter determines both technical and cost parameters.

The issues concerning the selection of the type of inverter for frequency converters for WPE with aerodynamic animation. It is shown that the implementation of the modes of compensation of the charge capacity of a transmission line connecting the wind plant to the power system, possibly by two types of inverters - standalone and slave network. It is established that the use of multiphase slaving by a network of inverters together with the Converter increases voltage provides the minimal cost of the frequency Converter with satisfactory to electromagnetic compatibility.

The presence in Ukraine of the production base of low-frequency transistors, experience of production and operation of multilevel inverters can be recommended the use of frequency converters for wind turbines with aerodynamic animation.

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