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The results of the design, manufacture and testing of the rectifier unit traction generator for AC-DC power transmission diesel locomotives with the individual axle control with anti-slip implementation. To improve the reliability of the local control system rectifier as the last set was used control units developed under the design and supply of rectifying the main generator units for VUTG-5400/810-U2 Ukrainian locomotive TEP150. By careful design of the bus system traction rectifier problem of uneven current division was able to solve without the use of a consistent power diode. Second additional diode included in anti-parallel to the rectifier bridge and is designed to reduce output voltage ripple and improve the power factor of the controlled rectifier with a deep phase of regulation and an inductive load. There is a solution of zero imitation thyristors main diode bridge. The realization of a three-phase bridge control algorithm is complicated by ensuring supply to the valves for a period of three control pulses. The advantage of a fully controlled rectifier with simulated zero valve is the ability to convert it into a normal inverter mode in case of failure or shutdown. Another advantage - the simplification of the scheme due to the exclusion of the power valve. Mathematical modeling and prototype testing rectifier unit traction generator VUTG-6600/800-U2 fully confirmed these assumptions, graphs are shown in figures.

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