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In the article possibility of increase of exactness of prognostication of remaining resource of asynchronous engine (АЕ) is investigated on the different stages of exploitation under various conditions of temperature, humidity and vibration.

For the increase of exactness of prognozirovan of remaining resource АЕ is worked out technical device. Eksperementan is got data on the module of resiliency of Е of different types of isolation constanttime priteplovom senescence АЕ of series by 4А power of 1,5 kv.

Pooperazionnoivipolnen method taken to the following. Generieyit sinewave electric коле-бания, frequency of sinewave elektrik vibrations is chosen by equal 5-10 kg, strengthen electric vibrations, prikladivat them to the puttee of статора АЕ so that in the puttee of статора АЕ flowed current by a size a 1 ampere, accept acoustic vibrations from the surface of corps of статора AE, преобразу-ют of them, in electric vibrations strengthen, compare them to the generated элек-трическими vibrations, the коэф-фициент fading determine and acoustic vibrations in an isolation АЕ, by value.

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