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In the article the modern methods of diagnostics of asynchronous engines and reason of subzero efficiency of their use are examined in industry. Results over of comparative analysis of these methods are brought, and also the new universal method of estimation of the state of electric motors, based on the use of principles of vortex-current control, is offered. Most modern methods of oscillation diagnostics are based on the analysis of vibration of working machines and equipment. These methods make basis of functional (working) diagnostics, in spite of the fact that the modes of operations of equipment can be most different - from set (nominal or special) to transitional, in т. of ч. starting, impulsive etc.

The basic method of receipt of diagnostic information is a spectrology of vibration, measureable in different points and directions.

It is set during the executed research, that the choice of method of diagnostics depends on external terms, mode of operations of electrical equipment, of the same type of the diagnosed objects, level of qualification of auxiliary personnel and financial position of enterprise.

Application of the worked out method for industry will allow considerably to shorten the amount of premature refuses of electric motors.


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