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It is shown that in an asynchronous machine in deep saturation mode, there is a significant increase in iron loss, the magnitude of which may be commensurate with the power of the engine. Still do not understand the causes of these losses, known as "abnormal." Identifying the nature of the "anomalous" losses is both practical and scientific interest. It is shown that the use of traditional methods for determining losses in steel, based on Steinmetz equation and its modifications give a significant error in the regime of strong saturation. Steinmetz equation widely used in research and in practice, with such an approach is applicable to the estimation of losses at only slight degree of saturation, i.e. predominantly linear portion of the magnetization characteristic. Justified and proposed to determine the dependence of iron loss on the basis of the nonlinear dynamics of domain structures and their non-uniform motion at different cycles of magnetization reversal. Investigated the external characteristics of asynchronous generator using the expression to determine the iron loss in the deep saturation mode.Application of the proposed expressions for the losses in the steel with high accuracy to determine the maximum power sold by the generator.

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