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This article presents the results of research relating to feeding the asynchronous machine with reactive current in BREAKING mode of traction drive of mine contact electric locomotives, in particular the conditions for sustainable capacitor excitation. Conditions of sustainable self-excitation asynchronous machine is defined. The question of limiting emissions of voltage at sudden load changes is considered. The formulas for determining the capacity of a filter’s capacitor on the DC side, recommended for use in practice is derived.

It is established, that for increase of efficiency of the electric braking and simplify the structure of the asynchronous traction drive in the transition traction electric engines of motor regenerate advisable to take special measures - enough to change the frequency of the supply voltage of traction induction engines, thus the slip is changed the sign and adjust the amount of braking force proportional to the slip module. Such mode of brake control allows reduces capacitance value of filter's capacitor.


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