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In addition to traditional methods of increasing the technical and economic characteristics of drives, based on the progress of the power and microprocessor electronics, systemic transformation of the drive motor and the actuating mechanism can improve significantly the energy efficiency and save resources in the drive as a whole. Further enhance of the level of ship electromechanical systems with counter-rotating of propellers, axial fans and pumps may be based on the replacement two traditional induction motors for special counter-rotated motors. The task of comparing of the weight and the cost of the electromechanical units of the low-speed two-rotor drive based on the induction counter-rotated motor with the contact stator-rotor and the two motors version of the conventional design is solved on the basis of objective functions with given in relative units of the technical level indications and relative geometric controlled variables. Mathematical models based on the above objective functions of the electromechanical units of a drive are developed and the weight and cost reducing by using a special counter-rotated motor is shown.


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