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The article presents a comparison of the dynamic characteristics of asynchronous squirrel-cage motor, derived from the previously developed its dynamic model. With its implementation, we used data of the stator and rotor circuits, which in turn were obtained by calculation. To define them, was taken technique allowing separately determine inductances of the stator and rotor. The resulting numerical values ​​of the resistance of the stator and rotor motor circuits were compared with the available published data. During the simulation were obtained transients basic modes of operation of the engine (starting, idling, lashed nominal load). The results obtained as the analytical determination of the stator and rotor resistances and modeling in the form of graphs transient stator current angular velocity and moment, derived from them were compared with those of catalog value of resistance and graphs transients derived from them respectively. The above analysis of the results shows that the technique used by the example of a particular engine allows you to determine with great accuracy the value of its resistance and sell based on their reliable model of the induction motor.

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