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The purpose of research is to develop new approaches to the implementation of multicriteria optimization problem of electric modes of graphitization and reactive power compensation of electrotechnical complexes with high power furnaces graphitization.

Generalized optimality criterion for electrotechnical complex graphitization based on superposition of the local criteria of minimum active electrical losses in the separate elements of the complex using the arbitrary orthonormal weighting functions independent parameter is synthesized.

Electrical parameters of the elements of graphitization electrotechnical complex, whose influence on the change of the corresponding local optimality criterion becomes insignificant are excluded by the principle of self-learning to reduce the dimension of the optimization problem.

Optimization of electric modes of graphitization and reactive power compensation of electrotechnical complexes is performed by dynamic programming method. Total electricity consumption is reduced to 2,5 – 5,2% or up to 7 - 8 MW ∙ hour for graphitization campaign.


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