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The analysis of energy efficiency indices and review of global trends in the development of electrometallurgy have been done. It is shown, that one of the effective ways to improve energy efficiency nowadays is the modernization and improvement of existing electric modes and mode coordinates control systems. Based on the analysis performed, the expediency of using the principles of fuzzy control in arc furnace electrodes movement electric drive was shown. The structures of the arc furnace electric mode coordinates control systems with various types and incorporation schemes of fuzzy controllers are proposed. Methods of fuzzy controllers synthesis for the proposed electrode movement control systems have been worked out. Mathematic and structural Simulink-models of the proposed structures of electric mode coordinates control systems were created and simulation has been performed. The obtained results showed increasing of dynamic and static precision of arc lengths control when using fuzzy control under influence of deterministic and random perturbations and, on this basis, confirmed achievement of better electric efficiency indices.


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