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In 2014 the following process automation systems were implemented on a continuous 4-stand cold rolling mill “1700” at PJSC “Mariupol Metallurgical Plant n.a. Ilyich”:

-          system of thickness and tension regulation (SARTiN);

-          system of tension regulation during strip feeding (SRNZ);

-          system of automatic strip head end reduction (SAOP).

Eight tension regulators and limiters and two thickness regulators are implemented in the new SARTiN system which is based on a programmable controller Simatic S7-400. In case of tension discrepancy in the interstand interval screw tension regulators (RNV) influence the speed of screwdowns of the following stand. Stand tension regulators 2 and 3 (RNK2 and RNK3) influence the speed of stands 2 and 3 and operate according to feedback signal about the difference between tension discrepancy in two adjacent interstand intervals. Integral thickness regulator on the output side of the mill influences the speed of stands 3 and 4 simultaneously because of the low level of reduction in stand 4.

SRNZ and SAOP systems are also implemented on the rolling mill. These systems operate at the beginning of the rolling process before SARTiN is activated.

As a result of implementation of new systems the amount of defective product per 1 ton of end product has been reduced from 7% to 1,5%.


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