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The article is devoted to the participation of the authors carried out the development and implementation of automated governance multimotors electric drives of slitting steel strip.

Universal slitting unit designed for cutting hot rolled and cold bands of a wide assortment of thickness - from 1 mm to 12.7 mm. All units are equipped with adjustable mechanisms asynchronous drive motors with squirrel-cage rotor. Power and speed control of electric drives by frequency converters.

Automated control system unit is built on the programmable controller.

       To enter the unit into operation performed:

- Calculations of the parameters of electric basic mechanisms

- Development of algorithms for automatic and semi-automatic modes drives of individual groups of auxiliary machinery

- Development of algorithms common control unit

- Development of software control systems, including systems of diagnostics and visualization of control

- Adjustment drives and automated control system

- Training of workers and filling modes

- Training and development of instructions for maintenance of the equipment and the work of the operators of the unit.

As a result, slitting unit in the shortest possible time is put into operation and reached maximum speeds while cutting strips of different thicknesses. Lessons learned can be used when the van of such works.


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