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This article presents a novel identification method to identify the unknown stator and rotor resistances of induction motors. Our method allows one to identify the unknown parameters of nonlinear multivariable dynamic systems in
real-time operation. An analysis of parameter convergence is provided, and, the regions of convergence is found by using the Lyapunov stability theory. Analytic, numerical and experimental studies are reported to illustrate and validate
the mixed parameter identification and state estimation concept. The motor resistances are identified within practical operating modes. The proposed identification concept with state estimation ensures robustness and reduces shortcomings of identification algorithms. The aforementioned advantages uniquely suit advanced control schemes, such as adaptive and vector controls. Accurate identification of parameters allows one to guarantee optimal and energy- efficient operating envelopes which are of a very significant importance in energy and power systems. The experimental results illustrate that the motor parameters match the real motor parameters. Our findings are applicable in various high-performance energy, power and electromechanical systems
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