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The article is about the prospects of development and accumulation systems of renewable electricity. Examined key technology and the power storage means such as, for hydroelectric pumped storage power plant, accumulator battery energy storages, energy storage system based on supercapacitors, energy storage system on the basis of energy conversion in the gas. Separate item noted the creation of autonomous power plants operating only on renewable energy sources with long-term energy storage based on the hydrogen cycle "Electricity - hydrogen - electricity." This is especially important for a reliable power supply remote from the grid electricity consumers, such as farms, plots, etc. Also, in the paper the issues of development and experimental studies of mobile power plant with a peak power of 5 kW at the Donetsk National Technical University in cooperation with limited liability corporation"Dontehprom" . This will solve a number of scientific and technological problems creating industrial autonomous power. Also the necessity of implementing storage systems in smart grids with a large share of renewable sources. Found that the combination into a unified system of wind and solar plants will increase the efficiency of the "Energy-gas" installation because the average daily amount of solar radiation have a pronounced peak in the summer, while the average wind speed is more intense in the winter. This provides a more stable average annual production of electrical energy.

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