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Necessity to determine the development prospects of specialties in the field of “Electromechanics” arose in connection withreduction Ukraineindustrial production.

Electricdrive chairs, which make training in the specialties 05070204 "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive" and 05070206 "Household appliances" are considered.

Analysis of socio-economic changes in the country indicates that electric vehicle electric drive can become sphere of knowledge application, academic qualifications and practical experience of electric drive specialist.

Forecasts of The International Energy Agency (IEA), the conclusions of experts suggest the inevitability of the transition from internal combustion engines to automated electric in drive cars in the future, however existing specialties of electrical transport are oriented to railway or tram and trolleybus transport.

Requiring consideration in determining the development perspectives the second factoris prevalence of salable "Mechatronics" specialty abroad, but it is absent in Ukraine.

Mechatronic systems, as well as the electricdrive, are refered to the class of electromechanical systems. Their feature is execution in a single form factor, it caused wide spread these systems in robotics, CNC machines, transport systems.

At the "Automated electromechanical systems" chair of NTU "KhPI" two new specializations for masters was opened. "Computerized electric" was opened in 2011, and in 2012 “Mechatronics” was opened in connection with participation in a joint European project program TEMPUS «Double degree programs of the EU and partner countries on preparing the masters in the field of automation and mechatronics".

Chair experience in the successful training of 8 masters evidences about the feasibility of specialty "Mechatronics" opening with profiling in the field of electric vehicle mechatronic systems, electrical appliances, robots, manipulators, CNC machine tools, etc at the chair of electricdrive.

The traditional through electricdrive specialists training in theoretical and applied mechanics, industrial electronics, electrical machines, microprocessor techniques, theory of automated control, and a rich experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of controlled complex industrial electricdrive for various purposes facilitates for this.

From a social point of view specialist graduate of electric vehicle electric drive could give impulse todevelopment of small and medium-sized businesses of mass replacement from internal combustion engines to electric drive in the cars, creating charging stations, increase the number of jobs and filling the state budget.


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