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Determination of power characterisations of chemical current source as backup power supply of telecommunication systems by known methods requires considerable time with compulsory disconnection of electric power from the user network that violates the normal mode operation. So, a development of methods for monitoring energy performance of chemical power sources without violating the normal operating mode of the consumer is an actual problem.

This paper proposes an impulse method for control the current energy state of chemical current source based on an assessment of the effectiveness of the use of active substances as the generalized energy indicator. The method is based on the analogy of charging processes in electrical capacitors and pseudocapacity of porous space of active masses with the main regularities of the electrochemical process. Control is performed by parameters of the response signal chemical power source to impulse action, adequately reflecting the character of the electrochemical process. Expressions for determining the time constant of the process of charging of the active mass as an information parameter are obtained by analyzing the form of response signal to impulse action. Using functional dependence allows to control the spread of the charging process in the porous volume of active mass and thus to assess the effectiveness of their use.


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