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This article is devoted to improvement of existing methods of the rules control and visualization for the monitoring expert system to meet the requirements of the subject area “computer networks monitoring”, namely,was added ability of work with a hierarchy of rules, verification of their cyclicity and redundancy, as well as minimization of rules sets. As part of this work was created and improved rules editor to use it for developing a knowledge base for network monitoring.

The aim is to decrease the complexity of developing, verification and maintenance of knowledge bases for monitoring (and, in particular, subject area of monitoring of computer networks) by reducing the time required to create the knowledge base, reduce labor intensity and reduce potential of errors made in the process of changing of knowledge through the development of ways to control the rules of expert systems, namely, automated inspection rules for contradictoriness, cyclicity, incompleteness, redundancy, and to minimize the set of rules.

Area of application results. On the basis of the proposed ways of visualizing the hierarchy of rules, as well as quality assurance methods was created editor of rules and used to develop the knowledge base for monitoring the network.

Conclusions. As a result of this work were improved existing forms of monitoring rules visualization and methods of their control; was created a tool to edit the rule base of an monitoring expert system; was built knowledge base for an expert system for monitoring a computer network.

Scientific novelty of the research: were developed ways of visualization, controlling and minimizing rules of expert systems for monitoring, taking into account the hierarchy of rules by automating checks of rules for contradictoriness, cyclicity, incompleteness, redundancy, and minimize the set of rules; competency of expressions transformation was formally proved when checking rule base on incompleteness

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