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The aim of this work is the development and improvement of method of selecting the level of detail (LOD) for plots of 3D-landscape.

An approach to the choice of LOD for 3D-landscape areas (tiles) by analyzing the number of pixels of the tile, which he occupies on the screen that gives the versatility of this method. Thus, selecting LOD becomes independent of the scene scale and appears universality conditions for transition to neighboring levels, which improves productivity of video card and processor.

Decision making of this approach executes with high quality and fast to prevent blur of the texture of tile. Blurring occurs when the resolution of the texture on the screen does not correspond to resolution of the original. This method resolves problem with blur or sharpen of the image.

Also, this article describes an example of the formation of tiles quadtree, relational database model, explains the advantage of levels of detail and considers the formation of quadtree in the map server "Open Street Map" (OSM), whose images of map are used for texturing.


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