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A method and results of calculation researches resources and energy efficiency of standard and high frequency power distributive transformers at application windings with high-temperature superconductivity were presented. Research for the series of three-phase distribution transformers of 6-10 kV voltage class in the range of 63-630 kVA powers were executed. The analysis of transformers resources enhancement efficiency on the basis of decision their structural-parametrical optimization problems was executed. The capitalize costs criterion was takes as a basic criterion of optimization. The new method of electrotechnical steels characteristics identification at different frequencies for transformers project synthesis was used. The subsystem of power transformers automatical synthesis “Ametist” which was developed in Odessa National Polytechnic University and also programmatic complex Mahtcad was used for the optimum engineering problems decision and designed researches. At development of mathematical models as the basic managed variables were taken variables which characterize transformer technical and economical dates such as the short circuit losses to the no-loud losses ratio ξ and the winding cost to the magnetic system cost ratio х and also the induction in the core B. The process of parametric optimization was realized of the successive displacement method.

The obtained results show that most expedient for increase of the distributive transformers resources and energy efficiency is the development and introduction of the distributive transformers series with magnetic system from modern electrotechnical steels and superconducting windings in the 300-500 Hz workings frequencies range.

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