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Synthesis procedure of the quasi- regulator ,which largely offsetting harmful effects of backlash worm gear “sealer” motor is implemented. To find the control algorithm dynamic programming method using the concept of procedure “invariant imbedding” for  is used . At the same time as the functional to be minimized quadratic optimality criterion is selected, that meet the minimum dynamic error and energy management costs. Atfirststage the equation of Hamilton – Jacobi – Bellman using method of “static” linearization was obtained. Next, the problem of synthesis of nonlinear control has been divided into a family of problems of analytical design of linear regulators for different regions of phase space. At the final stage of the synthesis was made “stitching” of the obtained solutions and the control algorithm derived motor shaft position “sealer” is obtained. Were further investigated the dynamic characteristics of position control algorithm with synthesized and comparative analysis of the system with the classic position PI- controller have been made. Present proposals for the further development of treatments for positional controller design of electric drives.
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