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In this paper, the authors presented a system for evaluating the performance of event models for semantic analysis of video. The structure of the system, which consists of four modules, an input receives a video sequence, the scene specification, event model, and the ground truth. Matched sets of video data that allow the system input video and tagged data. The parameters of the model performance evaluation of events according to particular tasks recognition events for the combined model with a particle filter proposed to estimate the optimal number of particles to optimize the time complexity of the model. Experimental testing of model performance evaluation system events, the quantitative performance indicators event models .

Main modules of the developed system for evaluating the performance event models can be used for semantic analysis of video systems.  Our results will be interesting to specialists involved in the development of various applications of artificial intelligence applications based on the mining of dynamic video, such as security systems, law enforcement, traffic control systems , intelligent video surveillance systems , robotic systems, etc.


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