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The article presents the importance and the computer based mechanism which lead to the identification of lines with Romanian chromatic words in order to elaborate a dictionary of poetic meanings of colors.

Dictionary would be designed in the sense of cultural heritage preservation. For the Romanian historical linguistic heritage, the solution to this problem faces a specific difficulty – the relatively small number and dispersion of deposited resources. The ultimate goal would be to provide a dictionary that has a color picture of the universe in terms of poetic literary postmodern poetry.

The aim of this article is to describe the importance and the mechanism that help in computer based identification of lines with Romanian chromatic words in order to elaborate a dictionary of poetic meanings of colors.

The elaboration of such a dictionary needs the cooperation of specialists from different fields, such as linguists and computer science professionals.

The linguists will decide which poem texts will be used, which color and similar words will be used as keywords, and what the other experiences in this domain are. Moreover, the expertise of the poem line acquisition is also important to be done by the linguists.

Computer science specialists will decide upon the methods and mechanisms that will automate the procedure of poem line acquisition, the structure of input and output data and the means that are effective to get the point.

There is as well another topic that should be explored by both linguists and computer science specialists – the one concerning the architecture of the dictionary. Taking all the facts that are stated above, the article is structured as follows:

First of all, we presented a brief state of art from this field with different examples. Next, it comes the description of dictionary architecture. A special section is dedicated to the algorithm presentation. An example of this running algorithm is given. The article ends with some conclusions and future work presentation.

In the future this dictionary of postmodern poetic chromatic language would treat poetic poetry postmodern senses color by color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, and White. That is why future public-access Web application is intended to be an important  and useful interoperable computational linguistic resources tool that would contain poems from several postmodern poets.

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