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In article the analysis of an existing information system of the Kherson polytechnical college of the Odessa national polytechnical university is carried out. Main limitation of its organization is defined. Methods of reengineering of the given system, for the purpose of process improvement of driving of data streams between subsystems are considered. The object-oriented method of reengineering for the task decision is described. For the first time objects of control in an information system for avoidance of need for change of the program code at reengineering are used. Hour characteristics of operation of an object-oriented method of information processing are defined. The installed priorities of system operation which does it enough floppy. The three-dimensional model of an object-oriented management method by information streams in databases is constructed.

By means of object-oriented model and the equation of length of a spiral way through change of priorities of operation различніх objects of control in an information system of the Kherson polytechnical college of the Odessa national polytechnical university to workstations time of handling of requests of a principal management system has been reduced by 6 %. The presented method of reengineering is expedient for using in the budgetary organizations with restricted financing.

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