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Ukraine produces a weighty share of world iron ore, which basically needs to be enriched, which requires her grinding with large energy and material costs. They can be reduced in the presence of high-precision weighing conveyor, which today is not achieved due to deficiencies in the electrical part. Aim of this work is to improve the electrical circuit conveyor scales with one supporting roller system analysis by basic design flaws. It was established that in the basic structure of the balance measurement accuracy decreases due to influence of time constant elements, interference by multiplying the random variables. It is shown that the conveyor scale measurement accuracy can be improved using an analog optimal Kalman-Bucy filter, and linear load of the digital filter with fixed duration of integration and subsequent multiplication of the results averaged and the tape speed, which reduces the error is more than four times. The results obtained concern weighing technology. The novelty lies in that the linear load signal freed from noise, then undergoes the digital filter defined time intervals and duration, and then multiplied with the same flow rate of the filtered signal.


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