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Subject: Logistical systems.

Theme: Modelling of logistical systems

The work purpose: working out of model of transport system for studying of processes of moving of piece cargoes in technological processes.

Methodology of carrying out of work: the scheme of transportation of a brick from прессов to сушильному to the equipment Is considered. The analysis of this system of transportation is carried out and following problems which should be solved at realisation of system of transportation of a brick are allocated:

- Data of streams, installation on the conveyor of cargoes simultaneously from several loading stations;

- Consolidation set (n) quantities of cargoes, with backlash maintenance between n and n+1 cargoes;

- An overload (colliding) of cargoes from one transporting machine on another, across an axis of transportation of the submitting machine;

- Moving of numbers of a brick with creation of technological backlashes between numbers.

On the basis of this analysis it is offered to allocate characteristic sites of transport system at modelling of a logistical chain of transportation of a brick: crossing of material streams, data of streams and division of streams (sorting).

The algorithm and the program of management are developed for the considered system by moving of cargoes by the given transport system.

The stand description on which it is possible to carry out physical modelling of work of transport systems of a various configuration is resulted.

Scope of results. Modelling of logistical chains of moving of piece cargoes in technological processes of different function.

Conclusions and novelty. It is offered to divide transport systems of moving of piece cargoes into characteristic sites that allows to model logistical chains of complex transport systems.

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