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Parameters and characteristics of adjustable speed electric drives depend to a large extent on the used methods and techniques of control and modulation. Multi-winding power transformer systems are between perspective topologies of power conversion systems. These medium-power and high-power systems are characterized by relatively low switching frequency of inverters. In this work, modification of algorithms of space-vector modulation has been executed for transformer-based system with three converters, which allows providing an improvement of spectral composition of winding voltages of the system. Set of control functions includes in this case eight basic correlations for continuous determination of parameters of control signals. Also, some additional correlations, characterized this triple-inverter system, have been used during analysis. MATLAB-simulation of modulation processes in transformer-based system has been executed for different modes of its operation. Areas of the rational use of continuous and discontinuous versions of modified algorithms of modulation have been established. It has been found that for the analyzed transformer-based system it is reasonable to use algorithms of continuous modulation at lower and medium output frequencies of the system, and at higher output frequencies, the use of algorithms of discontinuous modulation makes it possible to provide the better spectral composition of the winding voltage. Advanced harmonic composition of spectra of voltage and current in this system allows providing the corresponding decrease of losses both in the windings of multi-winding transformer and in the inverter part of the system.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.28.104.2018.08

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