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For module-oriented technology of digital systems synthesis, the method of a system approach to the development and modeling of specialized encoders and stream encoders in computers with reconfigurable architecture has been improved. The mathematical model of the mapping of a set of states of a cyberphysical system by a set of performed computer components of procedures, functions, processes is substantiated. The generalized statement of the problem of system analysis for the search of the mini-max solution of the target function of synthesis of computer cyber components of the multitasking technical system is formulated. The peculiarity of the reasoned model is the use of 3D dimensional matrix for describing the quantitative parameters of the necessary basic logical structures of FPGA, or CPLD type, which allow to synthesize circuit solutions for the implementation of these processes, functions and procedures. The algorithm of search of the optimized programmable logical environment for the project realization is offered.

The features of application of the proposed method for synthesis and simulation of a multi-mode streaming encoder, which can be used for data protection in systems that implement technologies of the Internet of things and cyberphysical systems, are described. An example of the use of the tools of the software package ISE WebPack of the company Xilinx for the construction of two-dimensional matrices and three-dimensional tensors to determine the coefficients of calculating the necessary resources of the programmable logical environment for the implementation of reconfiguration files of the synthesized multi task project.

It is shown that such an approach simplifies the choice of components, improves the technical and economic efficiency of the project by minimizing the resources used for its implementation, in particular the basic logical structures of programmable logical environments.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.28.104.2018.31
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