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This paper are represented the method of computer networks representation. It can be using during the network design stage and for searching damage points when the incidents are emerged. The main purpose of this study is the two key problems: firstly, reduction time and volume of network documentation process. Secondly, reduction of time of location bounce points and errors in network equipment while network operation. This method and the tools based on it will be useful for network engineers and administrators, who design and monitoring computer networks and services, because it no need to use many pieces documentation because the most common daily functions can be automatized. The method based on two main mechanisms – building the network structure graph what have to transformation to text representation in JSON or XML format, and automatic parsing this file for searching points of failure, such a data transitions channels orfailure of equipment or network services. This method will be useful: 1. For network engineers to monitoring and controlling network equipment; 2. For network administrators to monitoring and controlling network servers and services; 3. For security administrators to monitoring network security policy and security incidents investigation. Also the tools based on this method can be in a two types of soft – client-server application or on-board application. All administrators can make own application based on this method and change the algorithms of parsing the network structure file in accordance with their task and requirements. The tools based on this method should maintain a modular structure for easy change algorithms and functionality.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.28.104.2018.21
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