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The article is devoted to the development of the innovative laboratory practice in the course "Special Methods and Means of Electrical Measurements" developed by the international ERASMUS + ALIOT project for the Master's Degree Program of Specialty 141 - "Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics", specialization "Engineering of Smart Electrical Systems". The need to open a new specialization, and accordingly, the development of a new course, is due to the fact that the system of training of electrician experts in Ukraine has recently ceased to meet the requirements of the industry. Today, the industry needs not only specialists with good scientific and practical training in the field of electric power industry. The fourth industrial revolution is the mass introduction into the production of cyber-physics systems. These systems consist of electrotechnical devices controlled by modern information technology, microprocessor systems and data transmission systems. The innovation of the developed course and the described laboratory workshop is to use when performing measurements of modern sensors and microprocessor systems based on "Arduino". The course construction corresponds to the curriculum of the leading universities in Europe and is implemented within the framework of the international ERASMUS + project. The laboratory workshop consists of five works, the main purpose of which is to teach students to perform electrical measurements using microprocessor systems and to analyze the results of these measurements. During the practice, students independently collect the measurement scheme, study the characteristics of information registration devices, measure biometric and electrical quantities, process and analyze the results and perform their transmission and processing through an Internet server.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.27.103.2018.32
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