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Lehtla Tõnu



Dean of the Faculty of Technology (Estonia, Tallinn)


Tõnu Lehtla

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)      14/06/1947

Phone 620 3704, 53448723




1992 - ... Tallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Power Engineering, Department of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics, Chair of Robotics; Other staff (0.00)

2006 - 29/02/2012 Tallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Power Engineering; Dean (0.00)

1965 - 1970 Tallinn University of Technology

Degree information     

Tõnu Lehtla, Doctor's Degree, 1976, (sup) Hugo Tiismus, Dosaatorirežiimis magnetohüdrodünaamilise ajami uurimine (Dosaatorirežiimis magnetohüdrodünaamilise ajami uurimine), Odessa Riiklik Polütehniline Ülikool


 Перечень публикаций

  1. T. Lehtla, D. Vinnikov, R. Strzelecki, I. Galkin. Design and Development of the Middle-Frequency Isolation Transformer for the High-Voltage DC/DC Converter // Proceedings of the 6th ICEENG Conference, 27-29 May, 2008 nternational Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEENG 2008.  P. 1 - 9.
  2. Tanel Jalakas, Dmitri Vinnikov, Tõnu Lehtla, Viktor Bolgov. Interlock Delay Time Minimization and its Impact on the High-Voltage Half-Bridge DC/DC Converter / 2009 COMPATIBILITY AND POWER ELECTRONICS CPE2009 6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE-WORKSHOP. P. 438 - 443.
  3. Zoja Raud, Valery Vodovozov and Tõnu Lehtla Flexible Curricula for –Learning of SME Staff in Electronic Engineering / 9th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Scienc, 2010. P. 384 - 388.
  4. Silver Ott, Indrek Roasto, Dmitri Virmikov, Tõnu Lehtla. Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Neutral Point Clamped Quasi-Impedance-Source Inverter / PROCEEDINGS OF THE 52st ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE OF RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. SECTION POWER AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING". OCTOBER 2011 Power Electronic Converters and Applications. P. 1 - 2.
  5. Beldjajev Viktor, Roasto Indrek, Lehtla Tõnu. Intelligent Transformer: Possibilities and Challenges / Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University Power and Electrical Engineering 2011. P. 95 - 100.
  6. ZOJA RAUD, VALERY VODOVOZOV, TONU LEHTLA. Educational Thesaurus for Learning Electronics / Recent Researches in Communications, Information Science and Education. P. 67 - 72.


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