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Antonov Peter T.

Professor, Dean of Faculty “Computer Science and Automation”


Chairman of the Bulgarian Section of the IEEE Communications Society Technical University, (Bulgaria, Varna)


Assoc. Prof. Peter Antonov, PhD 

Dean of Computing and Automation Faculty 
Head of Cisco Networking Academy 
Chair of IEEE Bulgaria Communications Chapter 
Editor in Chiev of Computer Science and Technologies Journal 

Technical University of Varna 
1, Studentska Str., 9010 Varna, Bulgaria  

         Born on the fifth of December 1950 in Popovo (Bulgaria). In 1968, he graduated from the school of mathematics with a golden medal and enrolled at the Technical University of Sofia. In 1969 he continued his studies at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, from which he graduated with honors in 1974 with a degree "Automated control systems." In the spring of 1978 after completing his graduate studies at the same institution he defended his thesis on the application of microprocessor in data transmission systems.

          From 1978 to 1990 he successively held the army and worked as a researcher, lecturer and assistant professor at the center for training managers in Varna.

            Since 1990 he was Associate Professor of "Computer Science and Technology" at the Technical University of Varna. In 1999, on a competitive basis he was the head of this department, and in 2007 he used to be the dean of Computer Science and Automation Faculty.     He is also a founder (2003) and editor of the journal "Computer science and technology." Since 1999 he was the chairman of the Bulgarian section of the IEEE Communications Society.

His research interests are computer communications, system reliability and information security. Has more than 120 scientific and methodical publications in Bulgaria and abroad. Directs preparation of Masters and PhD students.

List of publications 

  1. Антонов, П. Ц. Анализ на вариантите за изграждане на IC - осигуряването на виртуалното образователно пространство. //Четвърта национална конференция с международно участие по електронно обучение във висшето образование, Свищов, 2012, с. 203-208.
  2. Антонов, П. Ц. Проблеми на изграждането на IC-осигуряването на дистанционното обучение в България. //VIII Международная конференция “Стратегия качества в промышлености и образовании. Материалы, Том 1, Варна, 2012,
  3. Върбанов, Г., П. Антонов. Подход за защита на PDF документи срещу копиране. В: Научни трудове, Том 51, серия 3.2,  Русе, РУ “А. Кънчев”, 2012, с. 143-148.
  4. Димитров, И., П. Антонов. Избор и обосновка на показатели за оценка на качеството на дейта центровете. //Компютърни науки и технологии, Варна, бр. 2, 2012.
  5. Georgiev, L., P. Antonov. Qualimetric ITU-R BS.1387 Assessment of Real-Time Audio Scaling Algorithms. //Computer and Communications Engineering, Sofia,2, 2012, с. 39-41.
  6. Gueorguieff, L., P. Antonov. Tempo Map Retrieval from the MIDI Clock Stream. //Proc. of the Intern. Conf. ICEST’2013, Ohrid, Makedonia, vol. 1, 2013, pp. 145-148.
  7. Dimitrov, I., P. Antonov. An Approach for Quality Assessment of Data Centers. //Компютърни науки и технологии, Варна, бр. 1, 2014 (под печат)
  8. Антонов, П. Криптография и защита на данните. Учебник за дистанционно обучение. ТУ-Варна, 2014 (под печат)

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