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Gerasymiak Rostislav P.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Head of the Department “Computer-Controlled Electromechanical Systems” Odessa National Polytechnic University (Odessa)


Scientist in area of automatic electric drive and technical cybernetics, doctor of engineering sciences (1988), professor (1989).

          He was born on October, 25, 1931, in Odessa.
          After completion in 1953 electrical engineering faculty of the Odessa polytechnic institute 
(from 2001 is a national university) P. Gerasimyak worked in the designer department of Novokramatorsk machine-building plant (Donetsk area, Ukraine), where designed the electromechanics of powerful casting faucets, walking and stripping excavators, rental equipment.
          In 1957  he was invited for work at the faculty of electrical engineering of Odessa State Polytechnic Institute, where he still works since that time. In 1966 he defended his Ph.D. thesis at Moscow Energetic Institute. During 1967-1973 he was the head of department of electric drives and automation of industrial plant. In 1987 he defended his Doctorate of Technical Sciences thesis entitled “Creation of Induction Motors Drives for Special Cranes” at the same place. In 1989 he was promoted to the rank of Professor.
          Gerasimyak R.P. has developed a scientific school which is specialized in the investigation of automated electromechanical systems driven induction motor. His major research interest is “The Dynamics of the Electric Drives of Cyclic-motion mechanisms with accounting  their Multi-mass Mechanical Part”, as well as “Analysis and Synthesis of  Complex  Electromechanical Systems with Induction Motor Drives”.
          He published more than 240 scientific works, five of them are monographes, the last was entitled “Analysis and Synthesis of Electromechanical Systems of Cranes”. It was published in 2008 by the Ukrainian press “SMIL”.
         13 patents, issued by the government of the USSR to Gerasymiak, patents were implemented in the design of cranes that were manufactured at that time by some soviet factories like: “Electrovyprjamitel” (Saransk), “Dynamo” (Moscow), “Azovmash” (Mariupol), “Krajan” (Odessa).  
         He has successfully supervised 17 postgraduate research studies; advising seven foreign researchers from Europe, Asia and Africa, three “Doctor of Technical Science” theses were also successfully supervised.
         Currently, Gerasymiak is an associate member of the scientific boards of Odessa National Polytechnic University and Lvov State Polytechnic University.
         He is the editor in chief of the Ukrainian Scientific Technical Journal “Electrical Machine-building and Electrical Equipment” (from 2010  «Electrotechnical  and Computer Systems»), which is published by the Ukrainian scientific press “Technika” in Kiev. Peer-reviewed original papers written in Russian, Ukrainian and English are accepted for publication in that journal.

              List of publications 

1. Gerasymiak R. Optimal control of electric drive rotational mechanisms accounting for the mechanical components / Gerasymiak R, Melnikova L.V., Shestaka A.I. // 5-th Conf. on Technology and Automation 2005. – Thessaloniki. – P.264-266. 
2. Герасимяк Р.П. Оптимальное управление електроприводом поворота / Герасимяк Р.П., Найденко Е.В., Тогобицкий А.Г., Лещёв В.А. //  Труды Y Международной (16 Всероссийской) конф. по автоматизированному электроприводу  АЭП-2007. – Санкт-Петербург, 2007.–С.384-387.  
3. Герасимяк Р.П. Устойчивость замкнутой системы электропривода  преобразователь  напряжения-асинхронный  двигатель / Герасимяк Р.П., Нгуен В.Х. //Зб. Електромашиноб. і  електрообладн. – Вип.69. – 2007. – С.15-18.
4. Герасимяк Р.П., Лещёв В.А. Анализ и синтез крановых электромеханических систем. – СМИЛ, 2008. –  192 с. 
5. Герасимяк Р.П.Енергетичні  показники  електроприводів    підйомних механізмів / Герасимяк Р.П., Махортова Д.О. //Зб. Електромашиноб. і  електрообладн. – Вип.73. – 2009. – С. 14-18.
6. Герасимяк Р.П. Особенности  управления єлектромеханическими системами  механизмов поворота / Герасимяк Р.П., Найденко Е.В. // Вісник Нац. техн.. ун-ту «ХПІ». – Харків, 2010. – № 28. – С. 270-271.  
7. Герасимяк Р.П. Теория  автоматического управления: нелинейные и дискретные системы. – Харьков. ФОП  Шейніна  О.В.,  2010. – 111 с.
8. Герасимяк Р.П. Покращення   динамічних  режимів кранових  електромеханічних систем з асинхронним електроприводом / Герасимяк Р.П., Бабійчук О.Б., Савич С.П. //Електромеханічні  і енергозберігаючі системи, №3/2012 (19). Тематичний випуск  «Проблеми автоматизованого електропривода. Теорія і практика». Кременчук – 2012. – С.53-55.
9. Gerasymiak R. Computer-Аided  Design  System for Technical and Economical Comparison  of  Crane Electrical Drives. / R.Gerasymiak, V.Busher, S.Savich, L.Shvets. // Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering. – Lviv: «Lviv  Polytechnic  National  University», 2012. – Vol.2, №2. – Р.21-25.
10. Герасимяк Р.П. Некоторые особенности динамических режимов  электромеханической системи с асинхронным електроприводом / Герасимяк Р.П., Бабійчук О.Б., Субботин В.В. // Вісник національного технічного ун-ту «Харківський політехнічний інститут». Серія: Проблеми  автоматизованого електроприводу. Теорія і практика. (Спеціальний випуск). – №36 (1009). Харків: "ХПИ", 2013. – С.267-268.
11. Герасимяк Р. П. Электроприводы и системы управления крановых механизмов: учебное пособие / Р. П. Герасимяк, В. В. Бушер, А. Г. Калинин. – О.: Наука и техника, 2014. – 168 с.

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